News About Gadgets: Wireless Gadgets, Portable Speaker, APPLE Air Tag


Today’s article is about News About Gadgets. “Necessity is the mother of all inventions” this quote from Plato stated thousands of years ago somehow applies to humans at present the most.

But many instances of recorded history show how the constant need for efficient, less time-consuming, and less laborious systems forced humans to take a step forwards toward unprecedented technological revolutions.

News About Gadgets

And handy gadgets are one way to show a person with no realization of such ideas in a compact and concise way. Since the start of the era of technology, the growth of gadgets has been on a constant rise.

And owning any trendy tech really gave a person a comparative edge over everyone else. There is a multitude of categories to choose from, for instance - wireless gadgets, cooking gadgets, audio/ video gadgets, security gadgets, pc gadgets, etc.

As we are closer than ever to say goodbye to the year 2021, let’s look back at some exemplary gadgets that came out this year.

1. News About Wireless Gadgets

Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds:

In June of 2021, Sony hits the market with their newest creation at a price of $280 (talk about expensive). Though it was pricy, the overall quality it provided really made this purchase worthwhile.

On many websites, this product is praised highly, from the amazing noise-canceling features to the fitting of these earbuds seemed to sweep the hearts of many people.

The Integrated processor V1 by Sony, dual noise sensors, the 6mm driver unit, and quality polyurethane earbud tips ridiculously up the noise canceling the game.

The battery life of these little beasts is 7 hours. So you can really disconnect from the world in peace for a long long time.

Sonos Roam Portable Speaker:

Now, on the topic of wireless sounds let’s talk about the Sonos Roam portable. At first glance, its size may give you second thoughts about it.

However, you can rest assured that the size will not matter once you test the performance.

A lightweight creation (about 430 grams) fitting in your hand seamlessly says a lot about its portability. The price? $169 (Niceee. I successfully established I’m still a child) But is the price worth it?

Absolutely! Because this compact design has 10 hours of battery life, water and dustproof so you DO NOT have to worry about cleaning or damage, optimization technology to adapt to wherever you are to provide premium sound quality,

a built-in Bluetooth for switching from your home Wi-Fi to your device automatically when outside Wi-Fi range, supports USB-C and wireless charging. So you can best believe the name Roam is just not for show.

2. News About The Daily Life-enhancing gadgets

SAATCHI Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station:

Being an owner of multiple devices that you constantly require to use throughout your day can get hectic. Especially when you have to charge all of them either individually or all at once, the process can be extremely daunting and inefficient.

Luckily our lord and savior SATECHI has brought about relief for our charging-related issues with their new product at the affordable price of $60. You have a coverage of 5 charging ports consisting of one Qi wireless charging pad, and two USB-C and USB-A charging ports.

All of them are immaculately divided to give you a less hectic experience and the high-temperature cooling system just is a cherry on top


The name looks shorter than other products on our list but bears with me here because this promise is just magnificent.

You living in current times have to face a lot of stress dealing with your boss at work, that one thing your spouse does that hits your pet peeves really good, children outside just yelling and crying like a bunch of idiots,

your crush just being an unbearable pain in the backside; yeah we’ve all been there where we just needed some time to relax from all this. Well good news, Cove is this glories stress-relieving headband-looking object that mildly vibrates the area which releases stress after just 20 minutes of use.

Though the price being $490 really makes you question what sort of times we are living in for us to need such an expensive thing just to release stress.


No, this isn’t a game of tag developed by APPLE. If you are like every other person out there, there have been one or two times where you just couldn’t find that new iPhone no matter how much you looked for it.

Luckily, with the air tag, you can just tag your apple product to this thing and use the “Find My” app to locate that pesky device easily. Sorry, android supremacists, this one was not for you. But for the apple people, you can buy this for $97 (damn that’s cheap).

3.   One for the gamer’s gadgets

The OCULUS quest 2:

A major upside of being a gamer is being able to enjoy VR games. And for the VR industry, a feeling of immersion is uncompromisable.

In this year alone there has been an impressive incline for VR facilities among which the OCULUS quest 2 really does justice to your wants and needs with some downsides.

Upsides are – the materials being utilized completely rids you of that painful feeling from the weight of bulky headsets, relieving you to enjoy longer periods of time;

a refreshingly sleek design to fit comfortably on your head; a praise-worthy audio quality that provides superb immersion; the controllers are intuitive so that the users don’t have to rage quit out of games just because the controller did not pick up on what they were intending to do.

It has a wide and varying range of game lineups that WILL force you to geek out sometimes. While some downsides would be – unrechargeable controllers (not a very pro gamer move now, is it?),

Need a link cable for playing pc games and finally, you need a Facebook account to use this. But you can still buy this for a price of $299

Razer Huntsman v2 Analog

Every gamer needs a keyboard that just satisfies the heck out of them when they use it. The fancy clickity-clackity sounds that resonate from that keyboard make the usage really worth it.

So to fulfill that gamer hunger for premium quality usage RAZER has brought out Huntsman v2 Analog to the market at the price of $219.99.

This keyboard has excellent build quality as the plastic frame with metal plates provides an appealing sight. The keycaps are PBT material making the textures and overall touching experience great.

The RGB and backlighting for this keyboard are satisfactory because of the beautiful color mixing quality, individual backlight keys, directly customizable color brightness, and the overall effects. One issue is it’s not wireless so you gotta struggle with those wires to enjoy the whole thing.

You can find a wrist rest that feels awesome to use, so the issue with buying them separately comes off of your shoulders.

And for typing enthusiasts, the quality and responsive capability the huntsman v2 has is remarkable.

Even after sitting through such a long introduction of gadgets from just 2021 we just barely managed to scratch the surface.

The sheer amount of categories and products that have launched and are currently in use is insane. What do you think is the handiest gadget developed in 2021?

And what detail did I miss regarding the products up there? Thanks for reading the full article “News About Gadgets” hope you did like it. If you want more Gadgets News let me know in the comment section.