Facebook and Twitter History, Users, Advertising and Privacy | Facebook vs Twitter Controversies

Today’s article is about Facebook vs Twitter. Facebook is a corporation and online social networking service founded by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4, 2004.

Twitter is launched on July 6, 2006. This is an online social networking service. Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey. The Twitter app allows users to send 140-character text-based messages. This message is known as a “Tweet”.

Facebook and Twitter Advertising,Facebook and Twitter Privacy,Twitter and Facebook Users,Facebook & Twitter History,Facebook vs Twitter Controversies

Facebook & Twitter History

Facebook History

On February 4, 2005, Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates discovered an application called Facebook. Back then, Facebook was only for Harvard students.

But later Facebook was expanded to be used by students from other Boston colleges, Ivy League universities, and Stanford.

In September 2006, Facebook was made accessible to users over the age of 13. On May 17, 2012, the Facebook company became public.

It means that it could be used by people of all ages. It was valued at about $ 104 billion. Facebook quickly became popular. However, the number of Facebook users is still growing rapidly.

In 2021, the name of the Facebook company was changed to Meta.

Twitter History

Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006. It is launched on July 5 of the same year Twitter has not disclosed the number of users like Facebook.

They have kept a secret about the number of users. However, it is thought that this increased the number of Twitter users between 2009 and 2011.

January 2009 saw an average of about 2 million tweets per day. Again a year later about 32 million tweets per day. Also in 2011, there were about 200 million tweets per day.

Twitter and Facebook Users

Facebook Users

Facebook Advertising,Facebook Privacy,Facebook Users,Facebook History,Facebook Controversies

Facebook members use Facebook for a variety of purposes Such as: Facebook can communicate with different people or keep in touch with people you know offline.

A person can maintain a personal profile on Facebook and post messages on their wall.
Facebook users can create photo albums and upload photos or videos.

Share links to their profiles, and write various notes. Facebook users can send private messages to friends, status and audio calls or video chats, and even play games.

Twitter Users

Twitter Advertising,Twitter Privacy,Facebook Users,Twitter History,Twitter Controversies

Twitter users use Twitter for a variety of purposes. But Twitter users get fewer facilities than Facebook.


Twitter users can post 140-character tweets on their profile, and their tweets reach other users in the Twitter feed who follow each other or one another.

The use of Twitter to track updates from celebrities is primarily noticeable.
Twitter users can upload photos, share links and send private messages to followers.

Facebook and Twitter Privacy

Facebook Privacy

Facebook users can choose from a variety of privacy settings for their accounts and secure their accounts.

If you create a post or a story from your own profile. You can choose who will see it Users can lock their profile so that no one but their Facebook friends can see it.

Twitter Privacy

Twitter has only two privacy settings, public and private. Private messages only go to the feed of the people followed by the users Individual messages have no privacy settings. Everyone can read the message.

Facebook and Twitter Advertising

Advertising is a common feature of Facebook. The ads are usually delivered to the users and the company makes money as a result.

However, many users do not like advertising. However, ads are based on preferences published on their profile.

Because there are no ads on Twitter, Twitter can sell user information to any other corporation.

Twitter and Facebook can also be used together if desired. It can also be posted on Facebook by tweeting using the Twitter app.

Different websites can be integrated with Facebook. 2 of them are GoodReads and WordPress. Users can use Facebook login details to access some other sites.

Twitter widgets can be added to a single website. Usable by integrating Twitter with Instagram. While some websites may allow users to sign in to Twitter, this is rarely the case.

Facebook vs Twitter Controversies


Facebook is involved in some controversy over privacy. It does not allow users to permanently delete accounts until 2010. Again,

the information is made publicly visible without the user’s express consent to change the privacy settings. Again, the issue of deleting the picture of breastfeeding is also being practiced.


The Twitter site has recently been implicated in a number of legal cases. In 2012, Fabrice tweeted insults at Muamba.

Which resulted in a student going to jail. In July of the same year, a British teenager sent an insulting tweet to Olympic diver Tom Daly. Who was later arrested.

In the long run, it is known that Twitter and Facebook are both the best. However, the number of features of Facebook is more than Twitter.

Facebook’s estimated value is 320 billion dollars and Twitter’s only 10 billion dollars. Again, the popularity of Facebook is more than Twitter.

But in terms of privacy. Twitter is ahead of Facebook. Thanks for reading the Facebook vs Twitter article if you did like it leave a comment.