What is AI Technology? | Revolution of AI Technology | Deep learning of AI Technology

We all wonder what is ai technology right? let’s talk about the best definition of artificial intelligence. Do people still remember the days when a computer took up about a whole building and would only do calculations?

Or the fact that phones were literally brick-like objects with weird antennas sticking out of them and the only thing they were good for was calling someone, do we remember those?

Or even vehicles, we went from gas-powered slow engines to those modern supercars that reach up to a speed of 331km/h!!

What I am trying to get at is, that through the progression of time every edition of high-end technology has brought human civilization to ridiculous power.

Every year it advances with such an unprecedented speed even technology from 3 years ago feels like caveman Uga Buga (don’t mind my terrible caveman accent, it’s a work in progress).

And among the huge amounts of revolutionary creations of humans. There is that one thing that caught the eyes of arguably every single human on earth, AI.

What is AI Technology?

Yes, I may have just flung a word that has been currently buzzing everyone but it’s not just for looking cool. The official abbreviation stands for Artificial Intelligence.

What is AI Technology?

Here the word artificial is something that is inorganic or simply created by us humble humans while intelligent. In this case, means the ability to mimic human-like thinking and solve problems without an active human contribution.

This peculiar combination entails that something inorganic or (machines/robots) has the ability to think for itself and solve any plausible issue with the acquired knowledge it has.

Even now when AI, a machine that has the power to work without the static programming of a human has been made possible it feels like a fever dream.

AI Completed Works

This AI functions through the utilization of Machine Learning Techniques, complex algorithms, and deep learning. In other words, through machine learning and algorithms.

AI’s are programmed to learn through experiences gained over time. They run analysis on every form of a variable there is for a certain task, perform calculations and consider every possibility to provide an efficient solution.

Deep learning of AI Technology

But what about deep learning? The creators of AI primarily focus on how human insight intersects with computer programming.

This task is especially difficult when someone tries to make an AI understand the relations between implicit things.

It is difficult because in this case they are no longer working with just explicit situations where logic, algorithms, mathematical equations, or statistics are dominating factors for problem-solving and decision making.

If a machine is capable of performing such relational reasoning then that’s deep learning.

Revolution of AI Technology,What is AI Technology?

The carefulness of using Al

We have to be careful because humans serve as the best example of intelligence the AI’s are modeled to simulate humans. Simulate as in only duplicating human intelligence.

But not creating a separate being like humans otherwise it would become an artificial person rather than a self-sufficient computer.

The History of AI for all the history lovers

As John Heywood once said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” AI wasn’t built in a day too. It took years upon years of innovation, progression, and the efforts of many revolutionary minds.

The early records for when the term Artificial Intelligence used coined trace back to a conference at Dartmouth College in 1956.

From then, the research for the creation of an artificially intelligent machine started to go ahead full throttle. However, due to the sheer complexity and scale of the task later reports showed.

The government funding along with general interest in the field dropped during 1974-80 which is also addressed as “AI winter”. And this isn’t just a singular instance, in the time period 1987-1993 there was another AI winter.

As we can see throughout AI history there were many more instances. Where progress completely froze and all hope felt lost even after investing in the field for so long.

But at some point, someone comes along with a dream to make a future. Where the machines are able to assist humans and change the face of what we thought of limits technology can reach.

Revolution of AI Technology,What is AI Technology?,Best AI Website

Revolution of AI Technology

This happened when research started again after 1997 IBM’s deep blue defeated Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov igniting new hope for the practicality and possibility of AI.

And since then there has been a grandiose surge in the creation of these AI’s. Which have been followed up with nothing but praise from the people of modern times.

And this is just the beginning. From here on out the innovation won’t stop. You will be surprised to know that, There will soon be more uses for AI.

Which diversify from the current uses like voice recognition, self-driving cars, chatbots, educational tools, factory systems, and most recently the greatest AI achievement Sophia.


What do you think? What are the great possibilities? AI holds for us in the future and how much will it change the course of humanity?