Who is the real owner of Android? | Who Owns Android? | History of Android

Today we are going to talk about Who is the real owner of Android? & History of Android.

When it comes to the owner of Android, Google comes to mind in the beginning. However, it’s not so simple. Although Google owns Android at a basic level, many companies want to share responsibility for the operating system. Because no one fully defines OS on every phone.

History of Android,Who is the real owner of Android?,Who Owns Android?,

Who owns android really

When asked about the soul sex of Android, there’s no mystery: it’s Google. Google launched Android Inc in 2005. Bought, The T-Mobile G1 helped boost the Android phone operating system in 2008.

Google is said to be the primary developer of the OS, and the core proprietary components of the OS are handled by Google. If you buy a Google Pixel phone, you will see that Google owns virtually the entire Android OS outside of the hardware driver.

The owner responsible for publishing the major Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is undoubtedly Google. While other parties can modify or contribute AOSP source code, they cannot create the big milestones that Google can. That’s why Google is said to be the owner of the Android operating system in the end.

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Who else has a stake in Android OS?

Android OS,History of Android,Who is the real owner of Android?,Who Owns Android?

Ownership becomes more complicated once Google releases the AOSP version, despite Google owns Android. An example of this is Samsung’s One UI.

This OS is based on Android, but its appearance, interface, and features are mainly Samsung.
There are also some versions of Android that are slightly linked to Google.

Take, for example, Amazon’s Fire OS, a forked version of AOSP. This is similar to Huawei. No one can use Google-owned apps in China so it is quite common for Chinese vendors.

This does not completely exclude Google. Companies like Amazon and Huawei can never release their OS releases without the help of Google updates. But above all, Google is considered to be the owner of Android.


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