The Evolution of iPhone | History of iPhone | The Starting of iPhones

Hey! Today we are going to talk about the evolution of the iPhone. The company Apple is very well known for its products. The brand apple logo is just enough to sell all product’s in a row.

Apple is very cool about its products. At their clams, the best product should always be made by apple. Apple has a great reputation for doing things perfectly and is consumer-friendly.

Among all smartphones, Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular. Of all time. And every year apple releases a newer upgraded version of their famous iPhone.

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The Starting of iPhones

We all know who Steve Jobs was. He was the co-founder of apple. There is a very funny story about the creation of the iPhone. Steve Jobs told his men to make such a device that can contain an iPod.

A mobile phone, and an internet communicator built-in. And he promised to the crowd that ‘ Apple will reinvent phone ‘ that day. And they did. Now apple’s iPhone has become a standard for all major brands.

Apple as a company now

Apple is one of the most talented companies in the industry. It has more than 2.08 trillion $ brand value. The company is famous for its expensive and high-end flagship computers and smartphones.

The company was 1st introduced by Steve Jobs. Apples were the first company to bring personal computers to the market. At its time apple was in its own league. No other company was as close as an apple at that time.

But now a day many rival companies have arrived but no one can take the placement of Apple. Apple has set its own user base and its own ecosystem in the whole world. Because of this smart move in this world right now there are more than a billion iPhone users.

The Apple ecosystem is so advanced that if one man gets into using one apple product in his house or for personal use his whole lifestyle will be set on Apple’s smart ecosystem.

It is one of the very own companies that build their hardware for their own software because of this smart move Apple has full control of its user base. Apple customers also have to use apple air pods, apple watch, apple tv, apple music, apple cloud, etc to get the full potential of apple services.

Apple makes a lot of money for its services. Although Apple products are expensive they are long-lasting and never get old because of their long-term software support.

The Evolution of iPhone

The iPhone has come a lot away. From its first-gen. His first iPhone was called just iPhone. Then the number has begun to rise.

The first iPhone was first introduced in September 2007. till then the iPhone has become smarter and powerful. When the first Apple phone was released had a 3.5-inch display. It only had a 2mp camera for taking photos.

And only 4/8/16 GB storage and it was about 420 euro in price and at that time it was not cheap.

iPhone 3G

On the success of the new Apple iPhone apple released a newer refreshed of the original iPhone and which was called the iPhone 3G.

And later that year in 2008 they released another iPhone that was called the iPhone 3Gs. From the first-gen, there was a minor change. There were slight improvements here and there in these 3 models.

iPhone 4

Then in 2009, Apple released their new iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 was another step ahead of its time. There was a very good build quality. And there was also a video camera that was 5mp and this was the year when Apple first introduced a front camera on an iPhone.

In the following year, Apple announced another successor of the iPhone 4 which was called the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4s was like a new beer in the old bottle. Again there was not much to explore but here and there were new improvements.

iPhone 5

On the next year. Apple announced another iPhone was called the iPhone 5. the iPhone 5 had a 4 inch display and had an 8mp camera and 1GB ram for the first time.

It also had a fingerprint sensor on its front side for biometrics. In the next year in 2013 apple announced another iPhone. Which was called the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5s was another slight improvement over iPhone 5.

iPhone 6

The next year the iPhone was launched it was one of the most selling iPhones of all time. The iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 was the first phone by apple which also had a bigger brother which was called the iPhone 6plus.

Apple sold around 223 million + iPhone 6 series phones until today. Though it was discontinued quite long ago. Then next in 2015 apple again launched their s series for the iPhone 6 line up. The phone was called the iPhone 6s and the 6s plus.

iPhone SE

Then in 2016 on merch apple made their 2nd midrange device called the iPhone SE. The iPhone se was like a baby out of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5. The first apple midrange was the iPhone 5c in 2013.

iPhone 7 & 8

In 2016 Apple launched their iPhone 7 line up and that year apple removed the headphone jack from their iPhones. And added wireless air pods as a replacement.

And this was the year when Apple had dual cameras on its larger iPhone. Like iPhone 7 Apple announced the iPhone 8 and 8 plus in the year 2017.

iPhone X

There was another thing and that was the iPhone x which is the 10th iPhone from apple. Apple skipped the number 9 because 2017 was their 10 year of iPhones. And with the iPhone 10, the classic iPhone design comes to an end.

Apple removed touch id and bring face id to the world. And they told that face id is the future of iPhones. Apple made a phone without and bezels on the screen. And there was a nouch on for the head of the device.

The nouch housed the face id sensors and other important things for the iPhone. The coming of the iPhone 10 was a huge success.

Because of that the whole smartphone industry was stunned and every one of them tries to copy cat iPhone’s design and it faces id features.

From then until now every iPhone comes with a face id and the design has slightly changed and the number of cameras has slightly increased from the iPhone 11 line up.

After iPhone 10 apple launched the iPhone 10s and 10s max which has the name tag of iPhone xs and the xs max and there was also the iPhone 10r or the XR. This max naming system was very loved by everyone. The iPhone xs series was the same design as the iPhone 10 or the X.

iPhone 11,12 & 13

iPhone 11 lineup was a great step up from the iPhone. Because it had all the cameras and hardware it needed to be great at that time. The iPhone 11 was a normal iPhone.

The 11 pro and the 11 pro max were the big dogs. They had face id, triple cameras, and many more. The next year Apple announced its 12 gen iPhones the iPhone 12,12 mini, 12 pros, and the 12 pro max.

Between iPhone 11 and 12 series launch, apple again launched their midrange called the iPhone SE 2020. in 2021 apple again launched their new iPhone the iPhone 13 series.

The iPhone 13 mini, normal iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 pro, and the iPhone 13 pro max. The iPhone 13 series was also a great success. It followed the iPhone 5’s design.

From 2007 to this date iPhones have come over from 128Mb ram to 6 GB of ram upgrade. 2 MP to 12MP cameras. And bigger screen and batteries. Now iPhone is the standard of all phones. The iPhone is also the most used mobile.

There are more than a billion iPhone users in the whole world. Though iPhones are expensive. They are awesome.


At last, we can say that iPhone is a revolutionary invention in the mobile industry. These are all about Evolution of iPhone hope you find something valuable.