What is AMP? | What are the benefits of AMP? | Should Blogger use AMP templates

What is AMP? | What are the benefits of AMP?

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What is AMP?

The full form of AMP is a "Accelerated Mobile Pages"

What are the benefits of AMP?

Everyone knows the different features of AMP template.

AMP is usually AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript, AMP Web Cache, an AMP Added website, CSS, Java Piping to create an AMP HTML script of the entire website AMP when visiting that website from mobile.

AMP is another source project of Google. By removing the codes that AMP does not support from a website, the marked parts complete the entire website much faster through the AMP web cache.

As a precaution, we want to get back to Google every time we click on anything at all.

What are the disadvantages of AMP?

  • Accepts only Asynchronous Scripts.
  • You cannot use third party scripts.
  • The CSS of your post must be inline-CSS and the full webpage size must be 50,000 bytes.
  • Font triggering should be good.
  • All the resources added to your post loads other pictures and some other size computer.
  • You can only use AdSense.
  • The income from the ad will go to many parts.
  • Iframe does not load more than 600px.
  • The size of the audio / video embedded inside the post should be reduced or it will not load.
  • The template starts with an attribute at the beginning. This allows browsers to easily discuss the language of the template. But in the case of AMP, it starts with the amp attribute. Many times it will be difficult to load pages to validate w3.org.

    Differences between AMP and Responsive Templates:

      AMP is a combination of AMP and Responsive template. The responsive template on the other hand is simply responsive. AMP template adds some additional HTML to the Responsive template. Must be. That means must be responsive. And the webpage can be easily seen in the responsive.

      Should Blogger use AMP templates?

      Blogger is XHTML supported. Many of the default features of Blogger are made by JavaScript. It would be foolish for you to use AMP on Blogger. You cannot use many types of features.

      Should I use an AMP template?

      You can use AMP templates. This will make your webpage much better ranking during loading. Generally, AMP templates are a better choice for news portals. But if you use AMP Template, you will be deprived of many benefits. For example, you can't use CSS, Javascript and more.



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