Why apple products are so expensive

Why apple products are so expensive?

This article is about Why apple products are so expensive, lets talk about the rest. If you haven’t been living under a rock for a few decades, chances are somehow you heard of Apple. No, not the edible one, but THE “Apple” company. Although it has been around for almost half a century (1976 – present) people still haven’t lost their insatiable desire to own something from this tech giant. I mean they’re everywhere, from our pc’s, smartphones, tablets and of course neat and handy accessories that made life less tedious (or did it?).

Back in the days, due to the sheer uniqueness of Apples products and unprecedented facilities it provided; they became a necessity for executing complex actions. Year after year Apple produced simple, sleek and powerful tools for the general masses. Pairing that up with great marketing Apple took everyone by surprise. As popularity gradually increased the demand for said products skyrocketed. Now, this demand has resulted in 588 million Apple users throughout the globe. Thus, Apple became a trend-setting hot topic for our current generation.

What do we assume whenever someone is seen using an Apple product? It goes somewhere along the lines of, “Wow, someone looks like a rich guy” or any general remarks about their opulent lifestyle. Have we ever stepped back and reflected on why we think like that? Well good news is you don’t have to cause judging from the majority’s mindset we can narrow it down to one predominant factor. Apple products in general are simply too darn expensive.

“But my fine sir, why apple products are so expensive?” Glad you asked my curious friend.


1. The bright and shiny stores

Apple has a reputation for creating stores that emit premium vibes for drawing in customers from an aesthetic standpoint. This means they have to go all out with the overall architecture and design of the store. Now, this isn’t the case for a handful of stores in the US or throughout Europe but on a global scale. So to accommodate this goal of creating eye pleasing stores Apple has to spend extravagantly on everything from construction to scheduled maintenance. This spending is included in the final price of products.

2. The Irrational customers

Apple has marketed itself as a luxury brand that resembles a different class in the social status. And this worked astonishingly well with the people who feel owning the latest iPhone or Apple gadgets is prestigious, classy and premium. They always cherish the feeling of looking wealthier and externally well off amongst their peer group. To satisfy that feeling they will be dead set on purchasing anything from Apple even if the product they bought recently hasn’t been used for a year or still possesses the same capability of a fresh product.

So promoting Apple as a luxury brand directly or indirectly through celebrities, businessman, influencers or any digital mediums completely solidified its position as their intended image of their brand. And throughout time they have been able to exploit their customers through this image raising the price of their products to unreasonable heights with no alarming concern from people.

3. LOOK! It’s made in Apple

One unique and easily distinguishable aspect of Apple is they make everything them-self. From the hardware to the software and the OS; everything is built and managed by this giant company. Unlike Android OS which is ready made from Google. Apple creates all the new OS versions, updates or upgrades for their software’s from scratch. If that stands true then even the maintenance for all these are done by the Apple team who are constantly working for developing and sustaining all Apple facilities currently functional.

4. The Apple Environment

One cleaver feature Apple products use is that everything is easily compatible with each other. For instance – a person can seamlessly connect their Apple smart watch with their iPhone; causing all the notifications and calls to display on the watch. Now what if they have to pick up a call? Easy, they connect their smart watch with their air pods. If I am reading or working on something on one of my Apple device I can continue all of that from another Apple device that is connected with the preceding one.

Think about the Apple id or I-cloud, a person can literally register the Apple devices they own and connect all of them together inside a specific proximity with the help of Apple id while they can use I-cloud to back up all the data and info apps use so a user can easily access and continue their work from another Apple device.

5. Marketing

Although Apple as a brand is well known but that does not relieve them of marketing their products to the common people and their targeted demographic. They organize extravagant product launches, billboard promotions and other strategies for making newer products pop up into the consumer’s mind. This requires them to go full throttle with their expenses and promotions which leads them to add all that to the final pricing of the product.


Honestly, as Apple grew in popularity the demand for their products increased ten folds or maybe more over time. To provide the same quality and user experience they had to crunch out a lot of products and this higher production led to higher expenditure. To accommodate higher expenditure higher levels of profits needed to be made. So at the end of the day, like every company Apple also thought of their profit. Which would explain why their product lines have gone up in price in recent times compared to previous years. What do you think? What are some other reasons trying to own something from Apple cost us a fortune these days?

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