The best gaming phone


Playing games on the phone is now a major way of entertainment. This requires a Gaming Mobile phone. Gaming Mobile phone needs a good processor, a large battery backup, and good storage. This is a great opportunity for mobile companies to earn money. There are many Mobile companies that launch their best smartphones.

At the top of the list of smartphones are highlighted the best phones designed specifically for gaming. Then there are the regular smartphones that are perfect for gaming.

Asus Phones:

Firstly, We can say that about Asus Phones. The company recently released their best phone ever named Asus ROG 5. This is the best phone for non-gamer too. It has all the necessary elements to play the game. It has a large battery of 6000mAh, a processor of Snapdragon 888, 8/12 / 16gb ram, and 128 / 256gb rom, which is perfect for playing games. This is the best phone for gamers. This phone has a rear triple camera ache which is arranged in 64MP + 13mp + 5MP and front camera is 24MP. That’s why this phone is also best for non-gamer people.

Samsung Galaxy:

After Asus ROG 5, we heard the name of Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 ultra. This phone is released in January 2021 by Samsung. This is a perfect phone for gamers and non-gamer. We can get all the features in this phone. It has a good processor of snapdragon 865, 12gb ram and 128gb storage and 5000Mah battery. This is enough for a gamer in a phone. It’s rear camera is 108MP+10MP+10MP+12MP and front camera is 40MP. For these reasons, the S21 is a great phone for people.


When it comes to the best phone iPhone 13 pro max how to forget. This is a good non-gaming phone as well as a good gaming phone. iPhone 13 max pro has the ability to compete with any phone for it’s features. It is made with all the features. This phone has a 4352Mah battery, 6GB ram and up to 1TB storage and it’s chipset is Apple A15 Bionic. The performance of this phone is very good in all respects. So gamer and non-gamer both people can use it easily.


Nubia Red Magic 5G is one of the best gaming phones to most people. It has a 4500Mah battery and snapdragon 865 processor and 8/12gb ram with 128/256gb rom. That’s why gamers really very attracted to this phone.


Xiaomi also has a high ranger smartphone named Black Shark 3 Pro. This phone is more attractive because of it’s look. It has also 12Gb ram and 128Gb storage, snapdragon 865 CPU, and 5000Mah battery. And it has a good back camera of 64MP +13MP +5MP and the front camera is 20MP. This is why people accept it without any complaint.

The phones that have been discussed so far are all high-range phones. The performance of regular smartphones is also going to be well noticed. Due to the fact that regular phone’s ability is so high, people’s attention towards them is increasing. There are many phone companies that released regular gaming smartphones at different prices.

When it comes to regular gaming smartphones then Xiaomi’s Poco X3 pro is the best because of it’s ability.  This phone has a large battery of 5160Mah with 27W fast charging, CPU is snapdragon 732, 8Gb ram and 128Gb storage.  It’s back camera is  64MP+13MP+2MP+2MP and the front camera is 20MP. That’s why this is the best regular phone. We can get this phone in 27,999BDT.

We can also add the Xiaomi note 10 pro to the chart. Because this is also a great gaming phone. Xiaomi’s this latest phone rocks with it’s snapdragon 732G chipset, 5020 Mah battery, 6/8Gb ram, or 64/128Gb rom. It’s camera quality is also very good. It has a 108MP back and 8MP front camera. For this ability, this phone is also called a gaming phone.


We can also add the Realme GT NEO 2. This phone is also a good performer. It has a 5000Mah battery with 65W fast charging, snapdragon 870 CPU, 8Gb ram, and 128Gb storage. Its camera is of very good quality. It has a 64Mp+8Mp+2Mp rear camera and 16Mp front camera. It has mind-blowing designs that attract more buyers.

Realme X7 is also a great gaming phone. It has a Media Tek Dimensity 800U processor. It’s a good processor for gamers.  Media Tek Dimensity 800U is considered to be a par with snapdragon 732G. It has a 4310Mah battery backup with 50W fast charging. Its ram is 8Gb and rom is 128Gb. The CPU of this phone is Gali G-57.

Then we can talk about Realme Marzo 30 pro is also powered by Media Tek Dimensity 800U. Its battery is 5000Mah with 30W fast charging. It’s chipset is Gali G-57. Its ram is up to 8Gb and storage is 64/128Gb. This phone has a good camera sensor of 48MP. This phone is good for all people.

One Plus:

One Plus 9 Pro is stylish and one of the best gaming phones. It has a 4500Mah battery, snapdragon 888 chipset, 8/12Gb ram. It’s a very well phone for the gamer.


Also, different companies have launched many more gaming phones. These phones are useable by both gamers and non-gamer people.

All the phones discussed are considered the best gaming phones till 2021. All phones have a great processor, good battery backup, and valve storage. As a result, any game can be played with all phones.

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