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Tech News

Today’s article is about tech news. Technology news is being uploaded every day. So, here are 10 news stories today:

Most Viewed App:

We already know the shocking news. But, It’s almost unbelievable that Google has been bitten by Internet traffic. Yes, that’s right. TikTok is currently considered the most viewed app. Now people go to TikTok more from Google.

Smart TV:

Smart TV has now become a common factor in the world. Now smart TV can be seen in many homes. At present, there are over 22 million smart TV users in India.

Jio’s Success on Robotics on 5G:

The trial on Robotics on 5G has been going on for a long time. However, a company in India, Jio this trial has been successful. This means that now Jio has been able to successfully connect 5G to robotics.

Android 13:

Android 13’s upcoming features have been leaked. Leaked features:

  • It helps you choose the language of your choice so that you can do all the work in your selected language with the names of all the phone apps and phones.
  • Also, you can completely mute your phone notification if you want.
  • The layout of the lock screen will change. This will make it look even more different when the phone is locked.

Chipset M3:

Apple’s PC and MacBook’s new chipset M3 is coming. It’s going to be 3nm.

Vivo V23 Release Date:

The Vivo V23 series will surely launch on January 5 in the Indian market. Then gradually people all over the world will see the phone in their own country market.


Huawei is set to cross the milestone of 200 million users worldwide by the end of this year. However, Huawei has not yet been able to use the 5G processor in their phone.

The problem of Poco X2

The problem has been noticed again in the Poco X2 phone. There is something wrong with each update. But, there is a lot of practice on Twitter about this.

Nothing Company’s Phone:

Nothing company released an earbud. News has been received that they are going to launch the phone. However, the official look of the phone was not known. But some phone models made by fans have been seen. But this phone may be much later due to chipset shortage.

Income Tax Raid:

Xiaomi, OPPO, and OnePlus offices have read the income tax raid. However, nothing was officially known about the raid..

These were our 10 tech news stories today. However, it is clear that technology is advancing day by day.

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