tech giants pt.2

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Welcome to tech giants pt.2. Today’s world has become fully tech-based. We use many technologies that make our life very easy. Tech companies provide us with these technologies. At present time some of these tech companies become very much bigger with their good products which made their brand value very high. These big tech companies are called “Tech giants”. In this part, we will talk about some renowned tech giants like – Apple, Google, Qualcomm, Mediatek, AMD, Sony.

The article named “tech giants pt.2” provide information about these tech giants as follows:

Apple :

Apple is one of the most talented companies in the industry. It has more than 2.08 trillion $ brand value. The company is famous for its expensive and high-end flagship computers and smartphones. The company was 1st introduced by Steve Jobs. Apple was the first company to bring personal computers into the market. At its time apple was in its own league. No other company was as close as an apple at that time. But now a day many rival companies have arrived but no one can take the placement of Apple. Apple has set its own user base and its own ecosystem in the whole world. Because of this smart move in this world right now there are more than a billion iPhone users.

The Apple ecosystem is so advanced that if one man gets into using one apple product in his house or for personal use his whole lifestyle will be set on Apple’s smart ecosystem. It is one of the very own companies that build their hardware for their own software because of this smart move Apple has full control of its user base. Apple customers also have to use apple air pods, apple watch, apple tv, apple music, apple cloud, etc to get the full potential of apple services. Apple makes a lot of money for its services. Although Apple products are expensive they are long-lasting and never get old because of their long-term software support.

Google :

Google is mostly a software company than a hardware company. It makes fine software and their main software is famous all over the world is called Android. Like android google has a great search engine named Google offers much free software for its users google chrome, google photos, google drive, google mail and etc. Google also makes smartphones. They are called one of the best cameras in the industry. Recently Google has started to design its own custom SOC for its own software. Google smartphones are mostly known for their excellent software and industry-leading computational photography. So, using a Pixel smartphone is every android smartphone lover’s dream. Google has one of the great search engines in the market. Which is both popular on mobile and pc platforms.


Qualcomm is also a semiconductor-making company. And also an advanced tech supplier.
Qualcomm doesn’t have its own semiconductor-making architecture they mostly design them and build them. And the mass production is made by either TSMC or SAMSUNG because they have their own inbuilt architecture to build the processors. Qualcomm is mostly known for its high-end mobile processors. The mobile processor that Qualcomm makes is called the Qualcomm snapdragon. Their latest flagship Soc(system on chip) is called the Qualcomm snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Qualcomm is the 2nd largest mobile chip supplier in the market. The processors that Qualcomm makes are known to last long. Because of that Snapdragon processors are in high demand in the mobile industry.


Mediatek is another company like Qualcomm. Though it was a bad reputation in the past to make unsustainable mobile processors in past recently they have made great progress and they are one of the 1no suppliers in the industry. Though still, they are not as good as Qualcomm. But in lower-budget smartphones and other home appliances like a home pod, CCTV, smart android tv, cheap smartwatches, and feature phones MediaTek is a big distributor. Its latest flagship processor dimensity 9000 was a great hype in the market. Hopeful for the upcoming future of this company.


AMD is another company like intel. They also make fantastic processors in their value for the money price range. For poor pc builders and gamers, and is a great choice. And is one of the rival companies to Intel. Because of these 2 companies, consumers get benefited. Because of their competition, both companies try to provide more in less money than each other. We all hope that this healthy competition.

Sony :

What kind of reputation the Japanese Sony brand brings with it is known by many people. Sony is mainly known for its mind-blowing cinema, cameras, play stations, smartphones, and awesome thing-making capabilities. You can easily sell any product by saying the name sony on the product. Sony was once the apple of android. Though nowadays sony looks a bit silent they are making mind-blowing camera sensors for smartphones and class-leading TVs for home theatre and also mind-blowing OLED displays for phones. The brand value of Sony is very high in their camera market. Sony makes one of the best cameras in the world. Most of the movies in Hollywood are shot on Sony Imax cameras.

Summary :

Though we couldn’t include the rest of the tech giants in the list they are also very big companies of their own. Improving our communication systems. Making our life a lot easier. The companies that didn’t make it to the list are NOKIA, ASUS, MSI, DELL, LENOVO, ZTE, HP, etc most of these companies are mainly pc or mobile manufacturers. And they all are class-leading in the world in their own particular segment. In the end, we can say that technological advancement is now just started. Soon it will be magic for us. Hope you like tech giants pt.2.


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