Tech Giants pt.1

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This article is about Tech Giants pt.1. What are tech giants? The technologically advanced companies which provide us with the cutting-edge technologies in the modern world and rule the whole industry are called the tech giants. There are many technologically advanced companies in this era of our world. But not many are famous or rulers of the market. Everyone calls them the Big Boys of the Tech industry. Some of these  big boys are,

Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Intel, AMD, TSMC, Xiaomi, Sony, BBK Electronics, Qualcomm, Google, and  Microsoft.
In this part, we will give u some important information about – Samsung, Huawei, Intel, TSMC, Xiaomi, BBK Electronics, and Microsoft

Now we will describe these companies below,

Samsung :

The company is not only famous in Korea but also in the whole world. Samsung is known for its loyalty among its users and suppliers. The brand value of Samsung is more than 74.6 billon$. There are of brands but Samsung is one of the top-ranking brands in the whole world. Samsung usually makes lots of products in their own facility. Smartphones, semiconductors, camera sensors, home appliances, and also market-leading OLED displays which is Samsung’s tread mark as the super AMOLED displays. The tech of Samsung is very popular among all types of users. Though we all see Samsung as a tech company at first it was a fish processing company. From 2015 to 2021 Q2 Samsung was the largest phone manufacturer in the world. But now it stands second because of the Chinese tech brand Xiaomi.


Huawei also known as the hwaie in many countries is one of the best smartphones manufacturers in china. It was a one-time predator in the smartphone market. The higher regulation camera sensor and stylish design and for its computational photography was Huawies main selling priority. Huawei was one of the biggest companies in the industry. It dominated every sector of the tech world. But alas in 2019 the US government cut down the trading license Google Huawei and their worse nightmare came in. Many of their higher projects got banned and they lost many of their faithful customers. However, Huawei is still active in the Chinese market and trying to get up from its mistakes. Smartphone enthusiasts still hope that Huawei will return with its legacy. Though Huawei had another company named the” Honor “. The honor was honored in the tech world for its honesty and value for money tech. Now Honor is an independent company. And trying to be established like its mother company Huawei.


Intel is also a mega-brand for building computer processors. Most of the computers are run by an Intel processor. Intel is a huge computer selling industry truly. At a time there was no other company like Intel. But now intel’s main rival is AMD. But no matter what the situation is intel is working very well and undoubtedly doing many good kinds of stuff for the industry. In 2021 they release their Alder Lake CPUs in the market and they are excellent in the price to budget competition.

Microsoft :

There are lots of brands that make PC but Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the pc industry. People use Microsoft operating system most in the world. Its latest windows system is called Windows 11. Windows is the most user-friendly platform in the pc industry. Microsoft is owned by the famous billionaire Bill Gates.


This company in the chain has a huge facility of its own. Tsmc has much architecture of its own. 28nm, 12nm,7nm,5nm,4, and the upcoming 3nm architecture. The tsmc silicon architecture is known as one of the most efficient. Because of that most of the high-end companies build their processors from TSMC’s fabrication.

Xiaomi :

Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands that makes smartphones. The age of the company is just 12. Xiaomi has a lot of brand values because they provide value-for-money products. Xiaomi only charges 5% of the making cost of their all products. So, they can easily issue low-priced products. Xiaomi is a very popular company in Asia. It also makes its way on the west. But because of some problems they can’t. However, Xiaomi has recently been divided into 3 major sectors. They have created sub-brands to keep connected with all kinds of consumers. Redmi, Poco, and XIAOMI are their major brands. Xiaomi products are a bit for premium users. The redmi brand is for budget-friendly consumers. And the poco brand is for their budget gamers. Xiaomi also makes other daily uses products such as smart bikes,smart-watches, and more. The listing of Xiaomi products is very long so we can’t complete all of them in this single vlog.

BBK Electronics :

BBK is one of the world’s biggest companies. This is not only a single company but it also has 5 baby companies too. BBK is mostly known as a china based company. Oneplus, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Iqoo are its baby companies. Most of these baby companies are established for their own purpose. Oneplus, Oppo, Vivo is the premium brands of BBK. Realme and Iqoo are on opposite sides. They are primarily in the worth for money section like Xiaomi. Mainly Realme and iQOO were created to get  Xiaomi some competition. As a result, we see that every time a new Xiaomi smartphone enters the market realme or its cousin gets along with their similar priced best smartphone as their weapon. This is not only in the smartphone market but also in every category that Xiaomi steps. These 2 companies are ready to rival with it.

Tech Giants pt.1 Conclusion:

So, this is the Tech Giants pt.1. We also have another part of this topic  where we discussed many famous tech giants, to know about those tech giants you can check it by clicking here thanks a lot.


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