About Google

Introduction :

Today’s article is About Google. It is a name that is known by everyone in this world. Many of us use Google services for our daily needs. It is a  software company which is established 23 years ago. And now one of the biggest companies in the world. Google is a very big name in the tech world. Without it, no one can do anything in this era and the use of google now has become a part and parcel of our daily life.

About Google :

It was made in a garage by a group of friends. Back then no one knew that one day this piece of garage project will turn into a multi-billion dollar business. As we know it is one of the smartest companies around. The google office is located in the USA. The name of its headquarters is called the Googleplex. Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google and its parent company. The parent company of Google is known as Alphabet Inc. Google is worth’s around 1.98T dollars.

Google in details:

It is the world’s most used search engine. It is also called the answer sheet of the modern world. is the name of that search engine. It does not have only a search engine, it is also an adsen’s company. Which adds additional content to blogs and commercial videos. For this additional content companies pay google as they use the open wide google internet as their billboard.

Apps under google:

It does not just own a  search engine it has its own other services. Google pay, Google plus, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google camera, Google Chrome, Google One, Google Maps, etc are in googles control and run under google services.

Google services:

The name of the google service is called the GSM Network. Devices under its umbrella can use any of these Google services easily. Google has more than every piece of information in this world. It has every photo now in trending and past. Many call it the storehouse of knowledge. Because Google has more or less every information that a man needs to know in date. Also google maps is a very useful full app. It uses a GPS system to help anyone who is lost or needs a map to leave. Google also launched a  satellite 5 years ago with the vision to improve its service more. Almost every smartphone is now using google services to stay connected with the GSM network. Gsm network is a large wide network which is used by many people these days.
Fun fact, we give google more permissions than our own in the terms of trust. Some might ask, “how”?.
So, the reason I told that is that in our mobile phones when we step every GSM network-integrated device wants a google mail or so, called Gmail to connect with the device. After connecting, google askes for many permissions from us. Such as contacts history, mobile number, phone tracking, lost your phone, sync gmails, Facebook password, bank details, payments in digital currency, etc. But Google is very renowned for its security services. In 2019 because of these security reasons US government ban google from doing any business with tech giant Huawei. Google has a very strong market in the tech world. They don’t sell that many products like its competitors. But it delivers a clean and balanced experience among all its users.

Google as a software company:

Ir is mostly a software company than a hardware company. Google makes fine software and their main software is famous all over the world is called Android. Google also makes smartphones. But they are called one of the best cameras in the industry. Recently Google has started to design its own custom SOC for its own software. Google smartphones are mostly known for their excellent software and industry-leading computational photography. So, using a Pixel smartphone is every android smartphone lover’s dream. Google has one of the great search engines in the market. Which is both popular on mobile and pc platforms.

Fun facts of google:

1. It has one of the biggest offices in the world.
2. Google’s office is so big that the employees have to use bicycles to go from one building to another.
3. Google employees can take their work off and play physical games in their offices.
4. In google office everything is in green tags. It means the google office totally runs on renewable energy.
5. google is a very trusted company.
6. In 2021 Google will be paying more than $15 billion to remain the default search engine on iPhones,iPad, and Mac. And this amount may increase in the upcoming years.
7. In google an employee gets 63 or 64 dollars per hour for every day.
8. Google has its own research lab in its office.
9. Before entering any information in their data bass google researches in its labs.
10. Google every year releases new Android software. Their current android software is called android 12.
11. Previously google names its android in many delicious names like android 2.1 was called Eclair, android 2.3 -2.3.2 was called Gingerbread, android 4.4 was called the KitKat, android 5 was called lolipop, android 6 was called the marshmallow, android 7.1.1 was called Nougat, android 8 was called the oreo, android 9 was called android pie. At this time google stopped their delicious naming process and give them a single-digit name from android 10.
12. Google is one of the biggest charities in the world. The no profitable google arm is called, which was founded in October 2005. And has invested about 100 million every year.


So Google is must need to use a smartphone in 2021. we can’t do anything without a google account. We can browse the net using other services but google is the best to try. For email, Google mail or Gmail is the best option. Because of smartphones, Google is one of the biggest browsing services. Google also makes smartphones .google smartphones are called the Pixel phones. Recently their new Pixel 6 and 6 pros came out with Google’s 1st in-house silicone named the Google Tensor. But Google is now very much working hard on their AI(Artificial Intelligence) tool called the Google assistant. So it is very popular among Android users. The ai is improving itself day by day.

Conclusion :

We are hopeful for google in the long term. So these are the things about google hope did like it.

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